Luxe Bloom Saves Money!


The Luxe Bloom® Advantage

The world's finest roses, grown in Ecuador, make the world's finest preserved roses. Preserved roses are real roses treated in a proprietary mixture of glycerin, oils, and coloring. The result of this process is a gorgeous rose with incredible longevity, offering a significant savings over fresh floral.

The cost savings for using Luxe Bloom over fresh-cut floral is tremendous. This Return on Investment chart shows that if you were to purchase 30 long stem fresh-cut roses each week for a month, you could expect to pay $830 for the month or $208 each week as they will only last about 7 days. If you were to convert your floral buy to Luxe Bloom, 30 long stem roses will cost $365. In this case, you simply divide that cost into 4 to get your weekly cost due to our longevity. This will total $91 a week versus $208-- that's a savings of 57%!