• Beautifying your homes for nine years.

    Thank you for your business- we have been truly grateful for every order.

Thank You + Farewell!

Over the past 9 magical years, Luxe Bloom sought to change the way people buy flowers with our transformative innovation in floral. We worked with farms in Latin America to perfect this process and help build and industry. We created new jobs and solved big problems for the age-old problem of dying flowers with our no water promise.

We were so honored to see each and every order you placed, like old familiar friends, every time you ordered. We helped you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Wedding anniversaries and more. Trying something new can be scary. You did. You gave us a chance to gift something special. We are grateful for cheering us on and for buying Luxe Bloom all these years.

The pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the hospitality sector; our core subscription business. We know this industry will recover in a few years, but also know it will not recover any time soon. We are not able to stay course after trying for two years, and will be closing our doors on April 30th.

The webstore will be closed as of 4pm CST April 25th.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Your friends at Luxe Bloom

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