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Lasting Luxury Roses™

When properly cared for, Luxe Bloom's Lasting Luxury Roses™ will last up to a year or more in your home.  So for a year of roses, you'd have to purchase a fresh-cut rose arrangement every week for 52 weeks, or just ONE Luxe Bloom arrangement!

Lasting Luxury Roses™ are grown and harvested just like a regular fresh cut rose, but that's when the magic happens. Within days of harvesting, our roses undergo a preservation process that keeps them looking and feeling fresh for months to come!  With a proprietary blends of oils and glycerin, our partner farms and factories create a rose that needs no water and virtually no care.  Luxe Bloom in turn creates beautiful and elegant arrangements that will ship right to your door, ready to unpack and display- with no DIY rearranging required.

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