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Flowers not only beautify your home, they also enhance your well-being.


"Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere,“ said Dr Haviland Jones of Rutgers University.

Flowers and plants do typically require care and maintenance, but Luxe Bloom’s preserved rose arrangements last up to 60 days and require no water or refrigeration, making them practical for today’s busy lifestyles.

Here are a few ways that flowers can enhance the rooms around your home.

In your bedroom

Wouldn’t you love to wake up to flowers that look fresh day after day? This six rose arrangement is perfect for a nightstand. Now available on One Kings Lane – this arrangement would be a great start to your day!


One Kings Lane - Luxe Bloom 6" Magenta Rose Arrangement, Preserved - $149.00

In your dining room

According to Houzz, formal dining rooms are making a comeback. Replacing multipurpose rooms, people are now looking towards a dedicated space for entertaining and for families to gather daily to share meals.

A low floral design like the one pictured below fits in perfectly on any dining room table. These designs add natural beauty and elegance to the table, and won’t obstruct the view of other diners. Arrangements like these will last well after your dinner party.





Bespoke arrangements. Inquire at info@luxebloom.com or 312-492-7772 about custom designs.


Warm metals to add sparkle and shine

According to design blog Ace of Spades, warm metallic finishes like brass and copper will add a bit of sparkle and sheen to interior spaces in 2016. Check out the brass vase in Luxe Bloom’s 15 Preserved Rose Arrangement with Greens, now available at Costco.com.

It’s also the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, lasting long after the holiday is over.


Costco.com - Luxe Bloom 15 Preserved Rose Arrangement with Greens - $199.00


In your living room

Luxe Bloom floral arrangements will strike the right balance to add elegance to your living spaces. No water to change, or flowers to replace every few days – just carefree, lasting luxury!




To find more examples of how Luxe Bloom preserved roses can enhance your home, visit http://www.luxebloom.com/shop or contact us via email at info@luxebloom.com, or by phone at 312-492-7772.

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