Mother’s Day - A Time to Remember

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By: Shelley Rosen, Founder and CEO of Luxe Bloom

My mom loved flowers! We always had a rose garden and she bought fresh-cut flowers every week for the kitchen! Now she would be so pleased to know I own an innovative company that is changing the way people buy flowers. At Luxe Bloom we sell real rose arrangements to leading luxury hotels on a recurring basis. Our clients tell us we save time and money with our innovation without compromising beauty. Now we are offering our innovation to consumers as gifts. Perfect for home and office too!

I remember when mom passed away and I gave her eulogy I spoke about her laugh, her love of entertaining and how she raised three children as an early widow. I spoke about her remarkably she fought her 9 year cancer battle.  She put lipstick on each time she went for her chemo treatments so as to make her dose that much more tolerable. She was a fighter and I just wish I could have one more fight with my mom.

So maybe she is watching me know and wishing she could help us on our atelier and make rose arrangements for our customers. She would do it with love and laughter. So on this special day I remember my mom and you take time to tell your how much you love her.

Our Mother’s Day Collection will make your mom so happy because our no water, no care gift is easy. They look great day after day and will be a loving gift for your loving mom.

Share your stories about your mom with us.  @luxebloomroses

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