Preserved roses that last a year? Or more?

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By: Bill Conway

How long do Luxe Bloom roses last? At Luxe Bloom, we guarantee they will last 60 days. However, because we use the highest quality preserved roses from the finest farms utilizing the best preservation process, they can last a lot longer than that. I have had this arrangement for over two years!

As a bit of background on me, I invested in Luxe Bloom about three and a half years ago when the business was first getting started. I make periodic orders in order to support the business as best I can and put them in my work, home and give them as gifts as well. I occasionally also try and help pack and ship and improve the website. Fortunately, Luxe Bloom has been a rapidly growing company and we need all the help we can get to keep up!

I bought this arrangement two years ago to beautify a sterile office. At the time, I worked in a colorless office that received very little sunshine. So I bought a bowl of bright tangerine preserved roses to beautify the place. I received compliments then on my roses and still do today, even though I have changed jobs and now work in a place that has more color and sunshine!

Luxe Bloom currently does not sell the 4" bubble bowl for roses (although I suspect it will be coming back soon). However, you can get the same tangerine roses in a 4 rose cube square. They may not last two years like mine, but if you keep them away from direct sunlight and people don't touch them too much, they'll last a lot longer than the guaranteed 60 days!

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