Seeking Long lasting love? How about Long lasting Roses from Luxe Bloom

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What if you found your one true love? What if it lasted a lifetime?



What if your love lasted a lifetime? We hope so for your sake. Well, at Luxe Bloom we want your love to last and we want to gifts you give to last too. That is why we are offering long lasting rose arrangements this Valentine’s Day. We have a new technology that makes roses lasts. It’s called preservation. Rooted in a centuries-old secret recipe, the preservation process keeps the natural beauty of our roses AND it makes it last for months on end. Imagine a rose that no longer requires changing smelly water and rotting stems and looks the same week after week. That is what we do. With over 20 colors and various styles, there is so much to choose.


The Luxe Bloom no water promise helps your gift last; perhaps as long as your one true love lasts.




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