Shake The Hand That Feeds You

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“Shake the hand that feeds you” - Michael Polan

Our entire company revolves around a product from a foreign country. Doing business across borders makes it even more important to spend time with the people that supply your product. Our trading partner with ProEcaudor for over 4 years, provide a gateway for us to do business.

Walking on a farm is magical. The growers walk the high mountain land with us, take pride in their hard-working staff and of course share the magic and beauty of a rose they harvest. We just returned from a week in Ecuador where we met our partners and celebrated our hard work. As demand for preserved flowers grows we are in the forefront of the innovation and lead the market with education and sales. We will continue to walk in their shoes to respect the product and all its beauty.

We are obsessed  about a quality process from  our farms to the front lobby our clients in all aspect of trade. Quality is more than just the product but the way in which we import too.


Big things are coming from Luxe Bloom. Watch us grow and stay tuned

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