COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Luxe Bloom follows the WHO policies and guidelines to prevent further spread of COVID-19 since published including:

  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing
  • Wearing Face masks
  • Sneeze Policy
  • Social Distancing, etc.

Specific to our facility and operation:

  • Any employee exhibiting systems of cold, flu or Corona Virus are asked to leave the office and not return until they are fully recovered
  • We are not taking employee temperatures at this time
  • Daily cleaning of our facility with disinfectants for all faucets, door handles, work-stations and kitchen
  • Upon entering Luxe Bloom anyone must wear a mask and all floral staff wear work gloves that need to be discarded daily
  • All supply chain deliveries are wiped prior to opening following WHO COVID-19 suggested protocols. Outer cartons are discarded daily
  • All Luxe Bloom arrangements are pack by one person who wears gloves while packing each arrangement. Pack station is sanitized daily.
  • All our farms are Rainforest Certified
  • Due to COVID-19 and possible contamination we will no longer be able to take back used vessels. Should the pandemic dissipate we will reconsider this policy

Luxe Bloom Lasting Luxury Roses™ require no water. As such our propriety process allow no bugs or live insects to be part of the rose or packaging. The roses are stored in a closed, temperature-controlled room in a box for full protection until use. We do not recommend fresh-cut floral during the re-opening transition period of any business property and until WHO sees the global curve flatten.

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