Luxury Spas

Luxury spas focus on the ultimate guest satisfaction. Each treatment is luxurious and must leave the guest wanting to revisit. Yet, the spa personal are so busy preparing for treatments they can not handle maintenance of living floral. Additionally, a spa seeks to control the aroma of the environment with their brand essence.

Case History

The Red Door Spa and Salon was seeking a standard in floral across all 28 locations. Luxe Bloom designed a custom program to suit the needs of all the locations and save money.


Red Door Spa
We were very excited to work with Shelly and her Team to create a Brand Standard floral program in all our Red Doors. We now have a consistent floral display in key areas in each Red Door.”
~Carolyn Keats, Vice President, Red Door Spa
Design, Construction and Facilities

Guerlain Spa/ Waldorf Astoria
"Because the cost and longevity of their rose arrangements are more predictable than fresh floral, we have stabilized our floral costs with Luxe Bloom. The long lasting nature and ease of care has afforded our staff even more time to serve our important guests.“
~Guerlain Spa General Manager

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